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Allow me to introduce myself...

Starting with my Grandmother, Eva Louise, I was taken all around exploring thrift and department stores for everything from fur jackets to interior furnishings. With help from her love for shopping, socializing and hosting parties, her desire for the finer things in life opened my eyes at a young age to interest in not necessarily shopping or finer thingper se, but design. 

Though I would not refer myself to have a love for shopping, I do have a love for creating. I began working in design and production over a decade ago. Starting in photography and film, into marketing and advertising, moving into video production and stage setup, wedding planning and into purchasing my first home where I renovated from the ground up.


Today, I am heavily involved in home design from start to finish, including all interior and exterior design, architectural concepts while keeping my love for creating visions for unforgettable events with wedding planning and design. 


I would love the opportunity to combine my passion for creativity with your dream and cannot wait to discover and unfold my next client.

Kelsey Louise

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