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Starting in my early twenties, I became involved in event planning for all sorts of events including the Burton US Open, the Teva Games, the World Championship Fly Fishing Tournament and onto national and international corporations such as Volkswagen, Mazda, and many more. I transitioned into video production where I then produced everything from music videos and commercials to social media content and photography. 

Often referred to as "the glue friend" by my family and friends, bringing people together has always come natural to me. With the vision to one day own my own company and coordinate intimate, meaningful events on a one-on-one basis, I opened Events By LOU + CO. Every time a client tells me that we've created their “perfect day,” I’m reminded of the importance of the beautiful milestones in our lives.

- Kelsey Horvath
Founder and Principal Planner

Now, lets get personal...

1.) I grew up in Northern Michigan and have a Boston Terrier/Bulldog mix named Worm.

2.) I've worked from the shores of Los Angeles, to the mountains of Colorado, to the cityscapes of Chicago.

3.) My favorite Author is Mitch Albom

4.) I once was a competitive big air skier 
5.) My middle name is Louise (4th generation) but my friends call me Lou. 

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